I'm an independent writer based in chicago.

Beautiful image of Sunset over a subway in Chicago. The Shut Up & Write logo is above the train and the word Chicago is spelled in yellow, cursive writing. Glowing over the cars on the street.

Project 01

Shut Up & Write

Shut Up & Write is owned and operated by Writing Partners, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Hosting free, in-person and online writing events for writers all over the world. The goal is to ensure that every writer – regardless of genre or skill level – has access to the resources, community, and accountability that they need to be successful in their personal writing goals.

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Project 02

Journaling to Become a Better Writer Workshop

I hosted a virtual writer’s workshop with Young Authors Greenhouse, a local nonprofit based in Louisville, Kentucky that nurtures the mind of young writers in the city through writing, publishing programs, creative partnerships with schools, and a community of engaged volunteers.

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Purple and White with the logo of Young Authors Greenhouse and a headshot of Shauntionne Mosley. This flyer was created to promote the workshop hosted by Shauntionne with the nonprofit.