Shauntionne Mosley is a storyteller.

A hobby that started at the age of 7 with diaries is now a lifetime commitment that has gone far beyond the journal pages. With her on your team, you’ve enlisted a shape shifting wordsmith that can turn ordinary writing into an intriguing narrative no one can scroll past.

Leaving the private sector of journaling, her love of imagery gives Shauntionne the ability to bring readers to scenes and spaces that they have never been to. You can find her work on a variety of publications that don’t always deal with the same beat.  Her freelance articles and creative writings such as poetry and short fictions have appeared in  TourWorthy, Brainwash Media, Racebaitr, Libro Musica, According2HipHop, and more. She’s often inspired by Horror and Folklore. How they capture the reader, bend the rules, and make dreams/nightmares reality.

Originally from Louisville, KY, Shauntionne received a BA in International Studies at the University of Kentucky. When not writing, she’s probably reading or watching horror films.