Aprés Josephine

Aprés Josephine is a platform for expats and natives interested in exploring our existence 93 years after the birth of the world’s first black superstar: Josephine Baker. Here, writers are storytellers invested in truth, and interested in the diversity of thought through words, images, art, and film. Through this platform, they seek to build, create, and connect people from across the diaspora. The links below will take you to my weekly roundup written for this small publication based in Washington, D.C.

The RoundUp: Chimamanda On #EndSars, Shonda Talks ABC Departure, Rise in Domestic Violence During Covid

The RoundUp: Pray for Cameroon, France Enters 2nd Lockdown, Amy Coney Barrett Sworn In on Hillary’s Birthday

The RoundUp: The Paris Agreement, Election 2020, and Magic Mushrooms

The RoundUp: BLM Co-Founder Request Biden Meeting, NonEssential Businesses Remain Closed in France, and Bill in France to Make Filming Police Illegal Receives Pushback

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