The Black Sheep is the nation’s fastest growing college media and marketing company. Their goal is to help businesses and brands reach the 18-24 year old demographic through engaging local content and experiential marketing campaigns. At over 100 campuses and growing, The Black Sheep builds strong, talented, and dedicated editorial teams who produce funny/satirical, relevant content paired with campus leaders and influencers who market themselves and their clients.

I wrote for the Black Sheep during my undergraduate years at the University of Kentucky.

Wildcat Hashtags, Issue 7- 10/10/2013

Kneel to the Knockers, Issue 2- 1/17/2013

Live. Love. Twerk, Issue 1- 1/10/2013

Getting Over Post Spring Break Depression, Issue 11- 3/28/2013

Check Yo’Self: The Art and Science of Being a Gangster, Issue 4- 1/31/2013

Thanksgiving Lexington Style, Issue 13-11/21/2013

Death to Deadlines, Issue 2-9/5/2013