Dawn Louise or just “Dawn” was/is my moniker. I created it at the beginning of my freelance career when I was living in Atlanta, GA. If you ever wondered how the name came to be or who Dawn is, read the poem below entitled “Down with Dawn” (written in 2017) to answer your questions

Momma Said…

Name her Dawn because she was born at 7:17 in the morning. 

Louise because she was born in the city where they float like butterflies and sting like bees. 

It’s called “unstable” when you move from place to place as a child. All eyez on me like Pac , every few months  the new kid on the block. 

And I haven’t stopped. Childhood my probation period and now I’m a nomad with tenure. I never saw it as unstable. I consider it adventure.  Take note and grow  from every lesson that moving teaches. From the Bluegrass, to the Golden state, now I’m in a land full of peaches. 

And I figure if you’re gonna be watching me I might as well give you a show. Introduce the world to the girl that you’re familiar with but no one really knows.  
You see me on the back of the bus eyes out the window,  head in the clouds. Can’t tell what I’m listening to but my headphones are too loud. 

Follow me to the cafe I’m people watching with tea. Notebook in front of me I write down everything I see. To the business woman that just closed a deal, to the obsessive jogger that writes every meal, to the little bitty dog that walks down the sidewalk like it’s his. I’m smiling to myself and you watch wondering what the joke is. 

TURN THE FUCK UP now  we at a kickback and it’s lit. Don’t ask me what I’m drinking just know it’s brown and it’s my shit. As sweet smelling smoke fills the air and the man with the aux gets us in the zone, there’s a pussy poppin’ in that corner but I’m sitting on a stool on my own. 
Probably on my phone.
And you think I’m not having a good time. It crosses your mind to talk to me but you can’t think of a line. 
I’m easier to talk to than you think.
People tend to steer clear of the girls who don’t talk much they’d rather think. 
But once I let you in my sphere I think you’ll start to get it well.
I’m not secretive or standoffish, I just like things on the DL. 

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